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How does winter affect our roofs?

Winter is a challenging time for our roofs, from the weight of snow to freezing rain. You should have your roof inspected by a professional, especially if you experienced storms already this summer. Damaged roofs can lead to increased utility bills, interior damage and more.

Bulldog offers free roof inspections for Northern Colorado.

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Why you need your roof inspected by a professional:

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends you have your roof inspected by a professional at least twice a year. It is necessary to be on the roof to see the extent of any damage from weather. Our experienced contractors have the training to safely navigate your roof and assess the damage. In addition, we know what we are looking for. As trained professionals, we know how to spot the differences between hail damage and normal wear and tear.

We are also qualified to work directly with your insurance company. Our team will provide you with the best options to promote the longevity of your roof.

Why choose Bulldog:

The Bulldog team is made up of Colorado natives. This means we have the first hand knowledge that comes with being a homeowner in Colorado. Summer weather conditions impact your roof severely, which is really important to look out for going into the winter months. The snow in Colorado can be wet and heavy, and your roof will be under a lot of pressure. This can affect how your roof will perform through the winter months. There are numerous variables that dictate what a roof can withstand, though, and our certified staff will know the best solution for your home.

This company was created with one purpose: take care of our customers. We believe it is our duty to take care of the people around us. Because of this, we personally take responsibility for the quality of service brought to your roofing project.

Bulldog Roofing also has extensive knowledge and experience in non-conventional roofing problems. This includes disaster restoration, increasing heating and A/C efficiency, and the preservation of structural design. Beyond just having the expert experience and superior workmanship that you deserve, we also carry the highest quality materials, offer competitive prices and provide long-term warranties. Our roofing experts will answer all your replacement and installation questions.

Get a free inspection before the next storm hits to make sure your roof is up to the challenge of living on the front range.

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