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hail on roof

Hail Season Begins

Colorado is easily one of the most beautiful states, but living here comes with certain challenges. The front range is part of a system known as Hail Alley, areas known for getting frequent and large hail storms year after year. Has your area experienced a recent hail storm?

Find Your Perfect Shingle

In an ever changing industry, it’s important to stay up to date on the different types of shingles. There are advantages to each in different situations. When you are designing your dream home, don’t forget about your roof.

Shingle red cedar wooden shake wood siding row roof panel made of larch conifer tree

What to Expect From a Roof Estimate

Whether you are a new homeowner or have been living in your home for many years, replacing a roof is in your future. Before you commit to anything, you will want a full estimate for your roof replacement. We have compiled a list of the 6 things that are essential to any roof estimate.

10 Signs You Need a Roof Repair

One of the most common questions we get is, “How do I know if I need to have my roof repaired?” We have compiled a list of 10 things you should look for when trying to answer this question. 


The Best Products

The majority of our products come from Owens Corning. Check out their newest shingle product, the best in impact resistance!

Winter and Our Roofs

Winter is coming, and our roofs are getting snow. A lot of pressure is put on your roof during times like this. Be sure to schedule a free inspection if you think your roof may not be up to the task of holding that weight. 

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