What Factors Affect a Roof’s Life Span?

A roof will last forever. Various environmental factors have a huge impact on how long it will last. The life span of any roof is determined by diverse factors. From weather conditions to the type of roofing material, check out some of the major factors affecting roof longevity. Do you have questions about the state of your roof? Contact a roofing company to schedule an annual roof inspection.

Major Factors Affecting Roof Longevity

Roofs are impacted by both inherent qualities and external factors. While these range from age to ventilation, any roofer will place the following factors as the top two.

1. Durable Material: Roofs are available in different materials. Your choice will dictate the average lifespan of your roof. The most common roof type is standard asphalt shingles. The lifespan of asphalt shingle roofs is about 15 to 30 years. Metal roofs however can endure for as long as 70 years. Make sure to select quality roofing materials when getting a roof replacement. The cheapest roofing materials will ensure your roof won’t last.

2. Environment including Climate and Precipitation: The type of weather in a region will impact the lifespan of a roof. Abnormal climates and extreme weather events have a negative impact For example, a constant barrage of ice or snow will significantly reduce the roof’s life expectancy. Extreme weather conditions can cause a lot of damage to your roof over time. If you’re constantly getting major repairs, your roof life expectancy will get shorter.

Other factors involved include sun exposure, the color of shingles, the roof’s pitch, and ventilation.

Increasing Roof Longevity

No roof will last forever, especially with exposure to strong winds and major storms. However, with proper care, you can help it achieve the longest lifespan possible. Implement a regular inspection and maintenance plan. Getting regular roof maintenance and continual care will ensure a beautiful roof for years to come and help you to avoid costly roof repairs. Establish a positive relationship with your local roofing contractors. The information they can supply will prove invaluable in the fight to make your roof last as long as possible.

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