Bulldog goes green with Solar Energy!

Have you considered switching your home or business’s energy source to solar in the past? Don’t wait any longer or you could miss out on fantastic rebate programs and tax credits from producing cleaner energy for your building. Call today for a free energy assessment and see why so many people are putting on solar panels.

Why switch to solar? The real question is why not!

  • Save an average of 20-40% on your annual energy bills!!
  • Receive a 26% federal tax credit on the entire project value
  • Add equity to your home by producing your own energy
  • Offset CO2 output from your home and help the planet become more sustainable
  • We have amazing financing options with no required down payments, and all you need is a 600 + credit score to qualify
  • Our customers usually have a positive cash flow on their switch in year 1
  • Receive a 25-year guaranteed warranty
  • All solar installs come with credentials to our app so you can see how much your system produces, which panels produce the most, and real time updates if issues ever occur.
  • If you use Bulldog Roofing for your roof and solar, we will give you a free upgrade to a hail resistant shingle

How it works

Bulldog roofing has recently partnered with one of the nations largest solar providers to further serve our customers. We are fully trained to present a customer with a 10-point energy assessment and show the value we can add by installing solar on their property. Once we get all the project details set up, we then have an engineer come out and do a final site walk. In this phase the engineer makes sure the structure can support the system, creates a final panel design, confirms the production the system can create, and approves the project. The job then gets scheduled and installed as planned in the previous stage. After the system is fully installed, there is a “PTO” time frame. PTO stands for permission to operate. During this phase the city or county will do their inspections, and we confirm the system is ready to start producing energy. The typical “PTO” phase is about 30 days. After the system is up and running the customer is given a walkthrough of how their system works and gets access to an app that allows them to easily track their system with all its energy production. Our solar panels are warrantied for 25 years and at the end of the project the customer will be given warranty info, as well as what numbers to call if there is ever an issue.

Rebates and Federal Tax Credits

All our customers will get some sort of rebates and or tax credits for switching to solar. We are here to guide you on how to make sure these are obtained and understood prior to starting this project. As far as rebates go, whether you qualify for one depends on where you live, what utility provider you have, and what sort of exposure your building has. For example, Xcel Energy gives their Colorado customers rebates when switching to solar that are directly related to the system size installed. When we do our assessment, we will show you what rebates you qualify for, and how much money that equates too. Now, for the federal tax credit everyone who owns a home and completes a solar project qualifies for this 26% credit. The federal government has spoken about decreasing this credit, removing it, or changing it for years, but for now it is a 26% credit. Therefore it’s so important to not wait around for the right time, as we never know how this will change in the coming years. It is extremely important to speak with a CPA on how the tax credit works and how you can get the best utilization from it depending on your financial situations.