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Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractors

Whether you’re a general contractor working on a new build, or you’re a facility owner looking to design a re-roof system, look to us as your Longmont commercial roofing specialist.  We are here to help you navigate products and code requirements for a successful project. Let our experience with commercial flat roofing systems such as EPDM, TPO, PVC and coatings be of use on your next commercial project.

As part of our services, we also offer maintenance and emergency roof repair services in Longmont CO, Lincoln Nebraska and Cheyenne Wyoming.. Our commercial roofing technicians are experts at tracing leaks, diagnosing active problems, and anticipating future issues for prudent facility maintenance. 

Commercial services also include metal roofing systems, coatings, tiles, stone coated steel, etc. Call us to see how we can help today.

longmont commercial roofing

General Maintenance

We understand the stress that comes with being a business owner, that’s why we offer a regularly scheduled maintenance program. Our professionalism, reliability, customer service and innovation is what sets us apart as a leading Longmont commercial roofing provider in Colorado. We will make sure your roof is performing at its very best to help you keep energy costs down, while ensuring minimal to no impact on your daily operations. 

Running a business is hard enough, let us help make this part easier.

Asphalt Commercial Roof

The Commercial Process

To start any new commercial roofing job, we will dispatch a project manager to your site to do a full evaluation of your roof’s current status.

  • For an existing roof, one of our professional surveyors will visit the site and talk with you to collect all the key information needed to begin work.
  • For new constructions, a member of our new construction department will work with your general contractor to identify and account for all the specifics of your individual roofing job.

Following the initial assessment, Bulldog Roofing will develop and deliver to you a full scope of work. Here we will outline all the stages and costs of your new roof installation or construction.

This comprehensive estimate will include any custom roofing materials or taper packages needed and will include base pricing with options, and outline any specific qualifications pertaining to your project.

With your approval on the scope of work, we can begin work on your new roof.

Bulldog Roofing will provide timely and detailed progress reports ensuring you always know how your roofing project is tracking.

Once the roofing construction or repair is complete, you get to enjoy peace of mind knowing your new roof will keep your business and employees safe and dry, for many years to come.

Our Longmont commercial roofing Services

Commercial Roof Replacement

Our commercial roof replacement involves the process of removing and replacing an existing commercial roof. This can be done when there is damage to the roof or for maintenance on the current roof. We understand that this isn't the type of work you want to trust to just anyone. That's why we only use experienced commercial roofers who are experts at their trade. Each one is licensed, bonded, and insured so that when they leave your property, you know it's done correctly every time.

Commercial Roof Repair

Roofs are a vital aspect of maintaining the value of your company if you own a commercial building. A damaged or worn-out roof can lead to extensive and expensive repairs that could potentially put your entire business in jeopardy. Our team has been working with both residential and commercial clients since 1997, so we have plenty of experience tackling any type of job, no matter how big or small it may be. All of our work comes with a free estimate, and comprehensive warranties are available when required.

Emergency Roof Repair

After a severe Colorado storm, your roof can take quite the beating. Emergency roofing repairs are often needed after severe damage such as a lightning strike or hail storm. It's important to get it repaired as soon as possible because leaks can cause significant water damage. With our emergency services available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, we will work hard to solve any emergency roof repairs quickly and efficiently.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Roofing preventative maintenance programs are the best way to preserve the lifespan of your roof. Roofing is constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and heavy loads, which can lead to premature wear-and-tear on its materials. Without regular maintenance, your roof can be the cause of leaks and water damage. Our preventative maintenance programs include routine inspections, repair work as needed, and cleaning for all types of roofs including shingle roofs, flat roofs, tile roofs and metal roofs among others.

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