Commercial Roofing

We provide complete roof services, including roof replacement, roof repairs, emergency services,  preventative maintenance programs, energy solutions, safety, and asset management. Call now to schedule a free consultation.

We provide complete roof services, including;

> roof replacement

>roof repairs

>emergency services

>preventative maintenance programs


Bulldog Roofing works with building owners, property managers, facility engineers and general contractors providing professional roof repair service, commercial low slope re-roofing and new construction commercial services.

Bulldog Roofing offers quality re-roofing and new construction commercial roofing services.

Our professionalism, reliability, customer service and innovation is what sets us apart as a leading commercial roofing provider in Colorado. First we understand the complexities of providing the absolute best in industry commercial roofing installations, while ensuring minimal to no impact on your daily operations.

The Commercial Roofing Process

Request a Proposal

To begin a new commercial roof, re-roof or roof repair job call Bulldog Roofing for an assessment.

●  For an existing roof, one of our professional surveyors will visit the site and talk with you to collect all the key information needed to begin work.

●  For new constructions, a member of our new construction department will work with your general contractor to identify and account for all the specifics of your individual roofing job.

Delivering a Scope of Work

Following the initial assessment, Bulldog Roofing will develop and deliver to you a full scope of work. Here we’ll outline all the stages and costs of your new roof installation or construction.

This comprehensive estimate will include any custom roofing materials or taper packages needed and will include base pricing with options, and outline any specific qualifications pertaining to your project.

Approval to Begin & Pre-Job Conference

With your approval on the scope of work, we can begin work on your roof.

Progress Reports

Bulldog Roofing will provide timely and detailed progress reports ensuring you always know how your roofing project is tracking.

Job Completion

Once the roofing construction or repair is complete, you get to enjoy peace of mind knowing your new roof will keep your business and employees safe and dry, for many years to come.


Bulldog Roofing recognizes how important it is for our customers to be informed. We provide onsite supervisors for every project to maintain customer communication and care throughout the process.
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