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When you’re choosing between roofing contractors in Greeley, CO, you want someone tenacious enough to get to the root of the problem. You want roofing companies in Greeley, CO that are loyal to you and want to help you and your family get ahead—not line their own pockets. You need someone as loyal as a bulldog, you need Bulldog Roofing!

We founded Bulldog Roofing because we wanted to get a good name back for the roofing industry. We saw that other contractors in Greeley were cutting corners with the people that they were supposed to be helping—our neighbors. We take personal responsibility for all of our work, from long-term projects to emergency roof repair in Greeley, CO, and we do a thorough job on all of our projects.

Whether we are working as a residential roofer in Greeley, CO or on a commercial project, all of our jobs start with a free inspection. We want to thoroughly understand the state of the roof and identify any problems that may not be visible immediately but could cause you headaches down the road. When we catch those smaller leaks and damages, we can prolong the lifespan of your roof—and give you more time before you need our services again.

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Our thorough inspections also allow us to choose the right material for the job, such as PVC and coatings for flat roofs when we are working as commercial roofers in Greeley, CO.

We all love this beautiful state despite its wild weather. If a storm damages your roof, our repair service includes:

For everything from regular repairs to filing a roofing insurance claim in Greeley, CO, Bulldog Roofing is the team you should trust!

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