Why Is Roofing Ventilation So Important?

How hot does the interior of your roof get? During the warmer months, all of the sun’s rays are directed on this surface, causing the interior of the roof to heat up, meaning a hot roof, and a hot attic. During the winter, the heat from the furnace rises to the attic, leading to high temperatures. Ventilation can fix this.

What Is Roofing Ventilation?

We all know that hot air rises. The goal of roofing and attic ventilation is to ensure proper air flow through this area. That means that warm air escapes and cooler air can come into space. Ventilation systems are varied to provide a solution to fit just about any need. Proper roof ventilation with the proper flow of air will help you save money on energy bills

Why Does This Matter?

Poor roof ventilation can cause lots of roof damage. When there’s heat buildup in the interior of the roof and attic spaces, that can cause damage to the roof shingles. Over time, they can warp, which means the edges can peel up and expose the sheathing underneath. It can also cause the shingles to fall off. That puts the entire roofing structure at risk.

There are a lot of benefits of roof ventilation and the proper circulation of air. By improving airflow, it is possible to keep air moving. This can also help to minimize excess moisture buildup in the attic space which can also reduce the lifespan of a roof.

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