What to Expect from a Roof Estimate

The Roof Estimate Checklist

Whether you are a new homeowner or have been living in your home for many years, replacing a roof is in your future.

We know this type of undertaking can be a little bit scary, but there are places to start. Knowing what you’re up against and doing some proper research can go a long way. If you already know what to expect when you call a roofing company to get a roof replacement estimate, then you will know who is offering a fair price and who is truly qualified to do your roof replacement.

We have put together all the information you should be looking for out of your roof estimates.

Your First Step

Start by deciding on the type of roofing material that you want to use. Choosing a high quality roofing material is a great investment. Not only will it help improve the structure of your roof, but also the overall efficiency of your home. This can be something as simple as choosing between metal, slate or composite shingle roofing. It could even just be deciding the color or style of shingle you want. With all of the different shingle varieties available, you can get great roof protection in a very attractive package.

The Next Step

After you make this decision, it is time to start calling the contractors in your area. You can start on this process by talking to your insurance company and to your friends and neighbors. Generate a list of contractors you want to call, request estimates from each, then compare them side by side. Be wary of any fly-by-night roofing companies, especially right after a significant weather event.

Roofing Estimate Checklist

When you get your roof replacement estimate, look for these key factors:

  • Project Commencement Date - This is the day that they will actually begin work on your roof.
  • Estimated Time of Completion - This is just as important as the starting date. How fast does this particular contractor finish their work? You will want to choose someone who can finish in a timely fashion.
  • A Full Work Description - This will include a detailed list of all roofing materials. Underlayment type and thickness, flashing locations, even the size of the nails and fasteners they will use should be included.
  • Sealant Type - In addition to the materials above, the estimate should provide the type of sealant that will be used to seal any areas that require waterproofing, such as flashing and nail holes.
  • Guarantees and Expectations - Your contractor should also include a section that discusses the workmanship guarantees, material guarantees and cleanup expectations. Roofing manufacturers offer extensive warranties and roofing contractor certification programs to ensure you get a qualified installer.
  • Insurance and Licenses - The roofing contractor you hire should make their insurance and licenses visible on the estimate so that you know they are reputable. If the roofing contractor you select doesn’t carry the right insurance or have the proper licenses to be able to pull a permit, then steer clear of that company.
If the estimate you receive is missing any of these key factors then you then you should remove that company from consideration.

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