Roof Inspection Tips for Buying a New Home

A home inspection is one of the best ways to learn about your home’s overall condition and any potential repairs it may need. It is an essential part of the buying process, as you don’t want to buy a house that’s in poor condition, or isn’t up to building codes. Doing this before you purchase the home helps to give you a bit more insight into whether the property is a good fit for you.

A roof inspection is one of the core components of that inspection. Your real estate agent will most likely have a suggested inspector for you, and home inspectors are qualified to perform a professional roof inspection. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or this is your second or third home purchase, an inspection including a complete roof inspection of the current condition is an essential part of the home-buying process.

Ensure the Inspector Climbs on the Roof

When you are having a roof inspection done, it is critical that the inspector has a full understanding of the condition of the roof and whether or not there’s any roof damage. If they just stand on a ladder, they cannot see the details. Be sure to ask them to look at the full surface for signs of damage as a part of the inspection process. If you’re a first-time home buyer, make sure to ask your real estate agent how you can ensure the inspection is performed properly!

Ask for Pictures

If there is any damage to the roof or any structure on the roof, ask the inspector to provide you with pictures in the inspection report. This can help you to decide on how extensive any structural damage is, and if there are any potential issues.

Find Out the Lifespan of the Roof

A seller might have a bad roof and not even know it. Even if the seller tells you the roof was replaced a few years ago, you want to know the current age of the roof based on its condition. Ask the home inspector or roof inspector to estimate the amount of life left on the roof. That way, you know when you will need to replace it.

Let Our Team Take a Look

The roof is a critical component of the overall soundness of your home. An inspection will point out any roof issues your new home may have, as well as any minor repairs it may need. If the roof is in supremely poor condition, you can negotiate with the seller to cover roof replacement costs.

Call on Bulldog Roofing to ensure your roof is in good condition before you agree to purchase it and keep us in mind for any future repairs!

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