Reasons to Inspect Your Sheathing Before Installing a Roof Replacement

There are various components of a roof that work together. The roof sheathing is one of those roofing components. It helps to distribute the weight of the roofing structure across it, minimizing risk to it. The sheathing boards sit on top of the roof’s trusses and joints, helping to minimize the risk of significant snow weight from causing a collapse. The roof sheathing provides an additional layer of protection for your entire roof, including your asphalt shingles, waterproofing materials, and roof ridge from damage.

Why Inspect It Now

It is always easier to replace or repair the roof sheathing when you are already replacing the roof. It simply makes sense to ensure that this critical component is in good condition when a roofing contractor is already performing a roof inspection, looking for signs of damage, and taking the roof materials off.

There are other benefits to inspecting the sheathing as well. It helps to determine if the roof structure is durable, safe, and up to building codes. It can also help to ensure the shingles you put on top of the residential roof structure are able to sit on a durable, sound structure, which could impact their overall lifespan as well.

An inspection will determine if there are any concerns with the sheathing boards and, if so, what type of repairs are necessary to get the roof back into good working condition to protect your home from potential risks in the years to come.

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