Insurance: Steps to Filing a Roof Damage Claim

If your roof is damaged by a severe storm or a falling tree branch, you need to follow certain procedures. If you choose not to do so or neglect certain steps in the process, you may not be able to file an accurate and acceptable roof insurance claim. In cities such as Lincoln Nebraska, this could be a costly error. The homeowner’s insurance claim process can be long and seemingly never-ending. Check out this guide to filing a claim!

Four Steps to Filing a Roof Damage Claim

So you have hail damage or any additional types of roof damage. To ensure the claims process goes smoothly, you need to be methodical. The following simple step-by-step process will ensure you are on the way to filing a claim for roof damage successfully.

1. The Insurance Policy: Get your policy out. Check specifically to see what your type of policy covers.
2. Estimate/Roof Inspection: Call a roofing contractor. They’ll come and inspect your entire roof, assess whether or not you have extensive damage, evaluate the costs, and provide you with an estimate. Make sure you get an itemized list in writing.
3. Contact your Insurance Agent/Company: Claim processing times can vary, so make sure to call and submit your roof claim right away.
4. Assessment: Get an assessment from a claims adjuster.

Some of these steps may be combined. To fortify your position, have the roof inspector and the claims assessor meet to the details. No matter who is involved, keep a record. Thoroughly document the damages and keep track/copies of all correspondences throughout the insurance process.

Filing a Roof Insurance Claim

Major storms and severe weather events can be a hassle and cause storm damage and roof issues beyond normal wear and tear. An advantage of homeowners insurance is you’ll be protected from having to cover the whole cost of roof repairs. Always be familiar with what your insurance company’s policy covers, specifically the insurance deductible and replacement cost coverage. If necessary, purchase extra insurance to cover potential damage to your property, particularly the roof. This will ensure when disaster strikes, seriously damaging or even removing your roof, you will not be left to pay for all the costs involved in repairing or replacing it. Contact your insurance company to learn more about the claim process.

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