Insurance Claims

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If you have had a recent storm in your area, don’t hesitate to call a roofer to immediately start your insurance claim. The National Weather Service says Colorado can get between 10 and 20 plowable hail events every year. That is a lot of stress for your roof.

Insurance claims can prove to be complex and time consuming. We have certified insurance adjusters on our staff and handle hundreds of claims every year due to the weather Colorado experiences. We would love to let you relax while we handle the process for you.

Roofus the bulldog says you should call for a free inspection!

How we add value to your claim Process

Start off your claim right with a free roof inspection. Having a certified roofer inspect your roof for damage is the first step in filing a claim. We will do this for free and share with you the condition of your home.

We will help you file the claim with your insurance company or do it for you. Our goal is to help you through the entire process.

We will meet with you and your insurance provider at your home to go over the claim. 

We can work with your insurance company to determine the estimated losses incurred from the damage to your roof.

We will complete the scope of work for you and send the insurance company any documentation needed. Our certified insurance adjusters will be involved with every step of the process to help whenever you have any questions.

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