How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

Roofs protect homes from the elements and harsh weather conditions. This is especially true during the winter season. They help to maintain structural integrity and provide a safe and comfortable environment. A roof is also very vulnerable to external forces. Fortunately, when damage occurs, you can always rely on reputable companies to supply roofing services to address the issues.

Snow and ice can introduce an excessive weight to the roof that it’s not designed for. This additional weight can cause severe water damage, as well as major gutter damage and ice damming. What are other effects decades of snow and ice have on a roof? Read below to learn more!

The Effects of Snow and Ice

When snow falls on your roof in Cheyenne, Wyoming, it may accumulate or go through a melting and freezing process to become ice. Both states are potential threats.

Snow Hazards:

Large amounts of snow accumulation staying on top of your roof for an extended period of time can result in excess water build-up and water damage. Your roof also has a maximum weight capacity. If heavy snow accumulates and exceeds the limit, not only will the result be significant roof damage, the roof may collapse. The results – serious damage inside the home and severe injuries to all inside.

Ice Hazards:

A major problem with ice accumulation is the formation of ice dams. Related issues include ice…

  • getting into the crevices of the roof. Here it thaws and freezes, expanding the gaps and causing severe damage and roof leaks.
  • sitting on a roof with the potential for pooling and impacting the integrity of the roofing material

Services from a professional roofing company are essential to halt the damage.

Snow, Ice, and Your Roof’s Integrity

The accumulation of snow and ice can result in some disastrous situations. If you are unsure as to the impact a recent heavy snowfall/ice storm (or a series of changeable weather) has had on your roof, do not hesitate. Contact your area’s leading specialists in high-quality roofing services before major issues occur. Professional roofing contractors can provide a proper inspection of your entire roof and assess your current situation. They’ll then determine if you have roof issues and what actions need to be taken to ensure you will continue to have a solid roof over your head.

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